Stainless steel portable bar hire of a 2 tap draft system with craft beer.

Portable Bar Hire

Want to serve fresh craft beer on tap at your next party or event? Check out our 2 tap draft system available for hire at Limestone Coast Brewing. The desktop dispensing unit features a fully self-contained glycol chiller and 2 serving taps capable of serving up to 60 pints an hour of chilled beer from kegs at ambient temperature.

The hire kit comes complete with the bar-top chiller/dispensing unit, 2 x kegs, beer lines, gas bottle and gas lines. All beer and gas lines feature quick disconnect fittings, making set up a simple plug & play operation.

Watch the short video below to see the system in action.

(Pay no attention to the old Manta Ray Station branding on these videos! New videos coming soon)

Our home brew keg system is compatible with any size keg, and we offer a range of capacities, from 8L disposable PET kegs, through 19L Cornelius kegs right up to 50L pub style kegs — for larger events.  We can fill your kegs — or supply you with our hire kegs — with any of the craft beers, Ginger Beer or Cider on offer at our tap room in Malaga. Simply choose the beer you want for your event, and we’ll prepare the system for pick at our tap room on the day of your event.

If you are considering a larger event, or simply want more than 2 beers on tap, we have 2 complete systems available for hire — allowing you to serve up to 4 beer varieties at your event.

Enjoy the experience of fresh craft beer on tap for your event, more economically and without the mess, environmental footprint, and complexity of dealing with multiple cartons of packaged beer.

No fridge space required

Less Eskys or bags of ice to deal with

No cardboard, cans or bottles to dispose of

Less wastage — no half drunk containers to deal with

how it works


Give us a call to book your date


Come in any time prior to your event, taste the beers an choose what you want in your kegs


Select the quantity and size of kegs you want (9L is roughly equivalent to a case of beer)


Pick up the system on the day of your event (allow 20-30 mins for us to show you how to put it together & operate)


Have an awesome event — and enjoy the beers with your mates


Return the system to us on the next business day after your event

what it costs

Each system hire is $75 per day or $100 per weekend

A $1,000 deposit is required with each system hire, and is refunded upon the return of all system components to our location


Stainless steel portable bar hire of a 2 tap draft system with craft beer.


The system is an easy plug-and-play setup. No special tools or skills required, simply fill the dispensing unit with Glycol, switch on, connect the beer and gas lines, wait for the unit to chill and then your ready to pour.

Watch a short “System Setup How To” video below…


Getting the system ready for return is as easy as setting it up. Simply turn the dispensing unit, disconnect the beer and gas lines, drain the glycol from the system and return all the components to us.

Watch a short “System Pack Down How To” video below…