In our present day, newcomers to the world of craft beer often associate it with bold flavours like hops and fruit. However, for many Europeans, particularly Germans, the tradition of craft brewing has been an integral part of their culture for thousands of years. It was this deep-rooted appreciation for craft beer that inspired Geoff and Sven to embark on a journey to reintroduce old-world craft beer to Australia. 

Geoff and Sven in the snow at the Swiss AlpsGeoff and Sven in the snow at the Swiss Alps

Limestone Coast Brewing concept from the beginning 

Our journey began high in the Swiss Alps, where amidst breathtaking scenery, we reached a pivotal agreement. From humble beginnings in a backyard equipped with basic controls salvaged from the mining industry, the first prototype of our craft beer was born. Initial batches sparked excitement, but it became clear that efficiency and some practices such as Low Dissolved Oxygen design are the key to successful time honoured recipes. Thus, the second prototype, skid-mounted for ease of use, was developed to handle three batches in a day and develop some of these technologies into new a world design. 

Second brewery prototypeSecond brewery prototype
Construction of second brewery prototypeConstruction of second brewery prototype

As our brewery evolved, so did our understanding of the intricate balance between tradition and innovation. The decision to fully automate our system marked a significant milestone, leading to the birth of one of the most advanced craft breweries. With precise controls in place combining some old world practices with new world innovation, we recognised the potential to brew both old-world classic craft as well as modern craft with ease. 

Inspiration struck during a flight to Darwin, leading Geoff to conceptualise the "Build Own Operate Craft Brewery" model. This innovative approach, borne out of the mining and oil and gas industry, whereby water and waste water treatment plants are remotely controlled and operated by third party companies on the site of a mining or oil and gas company.  Hence the birth of what we call today the “HUB and SPOKE” model

Commissioning and testing proved to be a lengthy process, but our commitment to sustainability and efficiency never wavered. The brewery was designed to minimise waste and energy consumption, setting new standards in the industry. 

Geoff and Sven commissioning software for brewery buildGeoff and Sven commissioning software for brewery build

HUB and SPOKE” model timeline 

In cracking the code to carry out centralised brewing at our HUB (Limestone Coast Brewing) with regionalised fermentation and serving from tanks at the SPOKES (venues around WA) we began to see our craft beers transform venues into micro-breweries. 

2019 - saw the installation of our micro-brewery tanks at The Island Elizabeth Quay which transformed the heritage listed venue into a vibrant successful business.    

2020 - RISE small business of the year. 

FEB 2021 - 10 tank installation at Long Neck Brewery on the Swan River 

2021 - began producing many of NAILs beers and carrying out the prototyping of some of their new beers 

NOV 2021 - installation of tanks at the Club Hotel in Southern Cross 

MAY 2022 - development of Limestone Coast Brewing Tap Room 

FEB 2023 - purchase of a small state of the art packaging system for small batch canning 

JULY 2023 - doors opened with food and beverages at Limestone Coast Brewing 

2023 - Chillo Collection was born from a group of men after competing with recipes from 4 Nonna's and comparing lemons from 4 orchards around WA and over 30 recipes. The current recipe was formed which is made and sold at our Tap Room in Malaga. 

AUG 2023 - Secret Batch Society was launched. A society for beer lovers to get a cube of beer delivered each month, with notes from our brewers about the special one off unique batch.  

OCT 2023 - patent approvals in the USA, followed subsequently by Canada, Vietnam, India and Indonesia.  

DEC 2023 - local designer redesigned Limestone Coast Brewing can labels as we prepare ourselves for wider distribution both nationally and internationally in 2024.  

FEB 2024 - production of packaged beer for Duckstein Brewery in the Swan Valley.

2024 should see new sites developed including bringing the iconic Chalet Rigi back to life in the Perth Hills. 

Brewhouse construction in Malaga factoryBrewhouse construction in Malaga factory
Four packages micro-brewery tanks in brewhouseFour packages micro-brewery tanks in brewhouse

Challenges of COVID-19 

COVID-19 presented unforeseen challenges and sadly saw three of  venues close their doors that had our tanks installed, including East Village, Two Up Brewery and the Office on Harrogate.   

Despite setbacks, our engineering prowess enabled us to pivot towards producing hand sanitiser, earning recognition as a beacon of resilience during uncertain times. We secured supply contracts with WA Police, Crown Casino, Westralian Shopping Centres to name a few. 

As we look towards the future, new opportunities beckon. To this day Limestone Coast Brewing is one of the few if not the only Australian owned and operated craft breweries that not only produces its products locally but also designs and prefects its own leading edge brewing technology, offering many advanced features to our brewers making our business a leader in keeping it local. From revitalising iconic venues to expanding our presence nationally and internationally, our commitment to quality and innovation remains unwavering. With each new endeavour, we continue to redefine the boundaries of craft brewing, earning the admiration of beer enthusiasts worldwide.